Oregon is a landscape photographers dreamland, full of diverse subject matter and terrain.

From raging waterfalls to sweeping seascapes, there is a beautiful scene for any type of landscape shooter. Beautiful locations like this sometimes take battling troublesome conditions and variables. Here are a few of my favorite Oregon images and the stories behind the images.

Thors Well at Twilight

This is by far one of the most popular shooting locations on the Oregon Coast. This giant well takes in the tides and spits the water 10-20 feet up into the air. Then retracts back in, creating some incredible coastal waterfalls. I have been wanting to shoot this spot for years now, but knew I wanted to try to create my own spin on the location. I ended up finding a beautiful symmetrical water flow that works really well in a vertical format. I used my Induro 204 tripod to create long exposures giving the waves a silky smooth motion. After shooting the foreground I waited about 10 minutes in the same spot to shoot the starry night sky in the same position. The little bit of faint ambient glow on the horizon made for a nice center point helping the symmetrical composition.

Crater Lake

Crater Lake is one of the most stunning places I have ever visited. I spent many nights trying to capture the night sky. But every time I seemed to get clouded in or a storm would come through and block the starlight. On my 4th trip, I finally lucked out and saw one of the most vivd night skies I have ever seen. I was able to take long exposures on my A7S with high ISO and bring in a ton of color detail. This image represents a 150 degree view of the Milky Way band. The panorama is made up of about 20 14mm long exposure photos. I used my Induro ballhead on the CLT204 tripod and repositioned each photo overlapping about 10-20%. When doing panos, make sure you have a sturdy tripod and if its windy out, try to weigh down the tripod with a camera bag on the center column. I decided to take an exposure with myself in the photo and turn this into a self portrait image. I sat there for about two hours just enjoying the view and watching the stars.

Proxy Falls

Another bucket list location for many photographers. Proxy Falls is an incredible waterfall situated in Central Oregon. I visited this location with fellow photographers Andrew Studer (who is sitting on the log) and Ryan Field. The quick hike to this waterfall is worth it for the amazing views. The falls drop about 200 feet and the flows leading up to the waterfall are beautiful. I submerged my CLT104 tripod into the rushing flow to take this image. I love the 104 carbon fiber tripod. It’s so light weight for hiking but can still take some immense beating from harsh conditions. The waterfall was creating a ton of mist which would soak the lens every few seconds. It took a bit of timing end effort to get a clean shot. All while holding the tripod underwater to make sure the flow didn’t push the camera over. This was definitely one of my favorite waterfalls to photograph.

These were just a few of my favorite images out of many I have taken in Oregon. Over the past few years the Pacific North West has become a main focus of my portfolio and I hope to take many trips here in the future. If you are looking for a bit of adventure, Oregon should definitely be on your list.

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Induro CLT 104

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